somewhere, something, someone

In the world, some people travel without territorial boundaries. Some master minds are born to travel i.e. Erasmus, the Humanist, Mozart, Leonado da Vinci, Kafka, Rilke, etc. Travelers or migrants stay somewhere totally different from their mother culture but are very adaptive to new environment.

In a globalised era when people finds a sense of security while seeing MNC chains in a place where they arrive to, the memory of the cultures could be found in the weekend second-hand market.

In Italy, most of the things seen are antiques whereas Germany easier to find practical gadgets.

Something that’s still accompanying my life from Italia in Germany is the mocha I have to make coffee!

As for someone, no one can be replaced. Everyone has his/her role in someone else’s mind. That’s why, I carry everything in my heart!

to where I have been, where I am, and will be


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